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Shaka Rafting is the ideal company to create a long-lasting memory of whitewater adventure in the Pacific Northwest. We believe that when you combine years of experience with a passion for people and appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors, the result can be a special expedition on the river that you’ll always remember. Excited for all the upcoming season will bring us, Shaka is driven to make whitewater rafting an amazing experience for people of all ages and backgrounds.


​Committed to unmatched hospitality and service, Shaka Rafting is focused on providing not only exciting whitewater adventure on one of Oregon’s favorite rivers but a fun, safe, and meaningful experience with others. From the booking process to safety training to unloading at river’s end, we strive to care for every customer as if we ourselves were the customer. Your river adventure with Shaka is led by engaging and experienced guides who enjoy sharing their love for the river and for people. You will know that making your trip the most thrilling, comfortable, and memorable it can be is a top priority for our guides. The gear we provide is top-quality and maintained with safety and comfort in mind so that you can simply enjoy the excitement, and, should you choose our full day trip, the classic American food we cook up is just the right addition to your adventure on the river. Your overall experience with Shaka is one that will leave you wanting to come back again – as many people do, and we hope you will!



Riding the BULL in the middle of Wapinitia Rapid on the Deschutes River.
It was an awesome time! It was my first time rafting and I went with my 9 year old son who was absolutely terrified. Our guide, Jim, was super patient, kind and very comforting. A very big thank you for making our rafting trip so great!

Veronica M., San Diego

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